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Today many organizations are running windows legacy .NET framework applications as they often face challenges in the legacy landscape which are inflexible, complex, high operations cost, longer time to market and workloads that are nearing end of support. Therefore, modernization of legacy systems is no longer an option and every enterprise needs to survive and succeed.

In today’s era, modern applications capabilities are expected to be Secure, Resilient, Elastic, Modular, Automated, and Interoperable. Modern applications need to stay competitive and digital business must innovate as rapidly as possible. The goal is to automate and abstract away as much as possible…

Before we delve into “how do we secure” the AWS workloads, let’s understand the complexities involved.

· Hybrid/Multi Accounts — In the Hybrid/Multi accounts scenario, hybrid architecture brings its own complexity dealing with on-premise and public cloud and managing different application components. Having multiple accounts brings in complexities as well as significant benefits.

· Delivery Pipeline — If you are managing AWS accounts, we probably have development, staging and product accounts which brings in some complexities.

· Internet Facing : From a security perspective, having public facing environment which has e-commerce application running has inherent complexity

· Compliance & Regulatory…

Guruprakash S

Lead Cloud Architect | Hybrid Cloud Services | IBM GBS

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